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To open a franchise, you don’t need to have previous experience in a specific sector, you just need to have creativity, an entrepreneurial spirit and the intention to get involved. Before starting any activity, it is necessary to have a VAT number, register in the Company Register at the Chamber of Commerce competent for the area and open the insurance positions required by law. The availability of a commercial space is then requested, the square meters of which vary according to the type of activity. Even the initial investment can undergo significant variations depending on the product sector, the size of the premises, the format, the location, etc best franchises.

Courage therefore, this entrepreneurial formula is certainly a possibility to overcome the difficult moment we are going through and perhaps access to funding provided by the Government will help many to take the big step towards a new professional reality.


Franchise and corporate acquired retail marts are two distinct breeds. Casual consumers shouldn’t glance the discrepancy, as both kinds of stocks have the exact all-around look and commodity mix. But, when it comes to franchises versus corporations, the people who own and operate these stores are going to have a different experience.

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Check out these comparisons below and get helpful tips on running a franchise versus a corporate-owned operation.

Franchises and corporate acquired stocks are both the outcome of the origin firm’s achievement and intention for expansion. Growth via a franchised stock authorizes the parent firm to copy its branding without determining chief of the monetary and administration hazards. Franchising also furnishes an additional basis of property.

A corporate-owned store helps increase the profits of the parent company and gives the company complete quality control. However, with a company-owned store, the company also assumes all capital and operational risks. Corporate-owned stores also require more back-end support, including more headquarters staff to handle HR, training, and operations issues.

Whether the supply is a franchise or a company-owned shop governed by a retail executive, the nuts and latches of the system are the similar. Particular day-to-day systems of retail stocks comprise sales and customer assistance. Stock inventory and merchandising processes get commodities to ledges. A continual emphasis on accounting and monetary administration will help maintain both kinds of stocks afloat.